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Launch Jan 2017


“chordily brings songs to your fingertips. Chords and Lyrics scrolling in perfect time to the track, and much more.”

Launch Jan 2017

The app every guitar player has been waiting for. Its everything that other sites and apps are not. Flexible, interactive and genuinely hands free Some might say it’s the “ultimate” app…. click below to discover more.

Choose the coverly option within the app and record yourself performing. Apply a little post production, upload to the coverly site and win big prizes with your favourite artists. Click below for the low down.

Can you tab a song? Then dont do it for free – get paid! Register as tabber, grab songs, use the online genrator to create the tab files and submit for validation, and then wait for your money! Want all the T’s & C’s? Click below


It’s always good to learn a little about what motivates an organisation and its founders. Sometimes it’s complicated and sometimes it’s ridiculously simple. In our case, its really straightforward. We developed chordily because we feel that chord and lyric tab has been stuck in the same place for years and its about time things moved on. Don’t misunderstand us, we are great fans of a certain “Ultimate” site – we have used it for years, but the reality is that theirs is a 16 yr old format that has moved on for full tab, but stayed stuck in a rut for the simple chords and lyrics that we want to see. Whilst we could bang on about 28 versions of the same song, zero quality control and endlessly being hassled to upgrade and pay more, we wont. We will just say that, in the words of Nobel winner Bob Dylan, the times, they are a changing. We hope you enjoy the change and that you feel our apps give you a little more freedom, a little less frustration, and bring you closer to enjoying the music and artists that you love.


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