Welcome to chordily, the app that gives you the features you have been waiting for. Chordily takes existing chord and lyric tabs, and updates them so that you can, for the first time, choose the way you want to learn and play. See our features below, enjoy a demo, and then sign up as a pre-registered user to try chordily for free as we launch our first app.


Four great features to give you choice, flexibility and better results.

Perfect Timing

our song files scroll in perfect time with the original track so you can play along leaving your hands where they belong, on the guitar! There’s no autoscroll, no dragging or zooming, just the right chords and the right words scrolling beautifully smoothly.

Active Chords

No clicking on chords to see the correct shape. Our chords display in real time, as you are supposed to play them, and with the correct fingering – no “variations” here! You can see the next chord coming up to, so you get your fingers ready.

Ways to Play

Our settings options give you so many choices, from an audible or visual metronome, to choice of count in bars, accent sounds and metronome styles. Whichever you choose, it will suit you perfectly.

Small is Beautiful

Our song files are just 3k in size. Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it? But that’s how we can store over 1000 songs within the app. Its by far the most efficient tab format out there. Its also what helps it run smooth and glitch free.


Who needs 23 versions of Stairway, or 19 goes at the right chords for Hello? We want you to trust Chordily. Trust that the chords and lyrics are correct. Trust that the chord shapes and variant is the right one. And trust that we have the songs that you want to play.

200 million songs

Really? There are some wild claims about song library sizes on the trusty old interweb. So let’s set a few things straight shall we? Firstly lets not have 126 versions of the same song. Then lets get rid of the 3743 bands no-one except their mum ever heard of. We will have ONE CORRECT VERSION of each song. That’s all, because that’s what you need.


Trusting that what you see is right is important. Struggling through an incorrect version of a song is annoying and a waste of time. Our trusty tab team will verify and check every file before its uploaded to the library, so you know that its the right version to play.

Correct Chords

We also know that there are “variation” options on the click chords on lots of sites. We dont think that giving you 7 different versions to choose from is particularly helpful, especially not if the original song doesnt call for the first open chord in that set of variants. Our format allows our tabbers to define the chord shape exactly, so you can see the right way to play it.

Songs You Want

Our focus will be on the songs that you want to play, not the obscure. Our tab site has a request function so that the tabbers can see whats in demand and respond to it. That means we can keep the quality high, get rid of the nonsense, and give you the songs you want and the confidence to play them.



We offer just two simple choices that allow you to enjoy chordily, and all of other features, without breaking the bank. We wont pester you about endless upgrades. We will send you adverts in the playlist and menu screens if you opt for the freebie option as we do have to pay our roylaties, but we wont bombard you endlessly and we certainly wont push ads to you in the middle of playing a song!