or at least your tabs are!

It’s Really Very Simple

We will be opening the tab portal and songbuilder as we launch. We are going to restrict our numbers to 100 tabbers to start with.

To set up your account, get our tabbers guide, and grab your first batch of songs, register via the email form on the home page.

Why tab for a site and not get paid for it?

At chordily we will cheerfully pay you for your efforts, but be warned, we only want the best so our team will verify and check each tab to make sure its perfect.

Once our initial library is built we will start to release new songs, on a first grab, first tab basis. You’ll use our online system that lets you hold tabs for up to 48 hours, and our songbuilder that gives you a fantastic java template to build your song files within. There is also a three week residential tabbers training course in St Lucia available.

We may have made the last bit up.